Spotify – App of the week #6

As most of us know, Spotify is a music streaming service created in 2006 by Swedish startup Spotify AB. Used by over 24 million active subscribers, Spotify contains content from both major and independent record labels giving its users a wide array of music to listen to from all genres. To start using Spotify you will need to either sign up with your Facebook account or as a new user. Music can be browsed by genre, artist, album, record label and through direct searches. There is also an option to create your own customised playlists. To be able to access all of Spotify's services you will need to have a premium subscription which costs £9.99 a month. As a premium member you will be able to listen to all your playlists offline and via the newly improved mobile app. Each time you sign in to your account you will be able to access all your playlists and favourites on any device that supports Spotify.

Alternatively, as a free member you will be limited to how many tracks you can listen to and will have pop up ads and audio ads in between songs. I have been using the app myself for the last few months and I’ve found the interface easy to navigate and the offline option has sadly forced my iPod into an early retirement. The ability to access all my music on different devices is very useful. The music library is so large that I’ve found every obscure song I can think of. I've also saved a lot of money since I only pay a fixed price of £9.99 a month which would normally only get you just a single album on iTunes. With access to such a massive library, I really don’t feel the need to actually “own” the music myself. It’s just so good to be able to explore any music that I can think of. If you are into music and spend a lot on digital downloads I would strongly recommend this app to you.

May 07, 2014