Drum roll please! The April giveaway winners are...

In April we launched a competition designed to challenge your creativity and let your imagination run free, and we were pleased to see that you embraced it fully with your creativity and we are pleased to announce the winners today! For the competition, we asked you what product you thought Apple would be making in 2113, one-hundred years from now. We wanted to hear your fantastical ideas – and we certainly did! The futurologists among you submitted wonderful answers and described future technology that will definitely change our lives! Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 17.06.57 We received more than 100 creative answers, so it was extremely hard to pick out three winners. After a lot of deliberation we finally made our decision, so it’s time to share the winners with you! So we are pleased to announce the winners of our April giveaway! First prize The first prize goes to Kevin Legg, the first giveaway winner, who said that in 2113 Apple will make the following products:
Apple Transporter – The home teleporter that will whisk you away to your favourite holiday destination. Apple HoloMaker – Recreates your loved ones in hologrammatic fashion. Apple Brainstorm – Links you and your partner and lets you share your thoughts. Apple Safe – For keeping all your Apple gadgets safe. Handy double garage size. Apple Time Master – Portable machine that sends you back in time, but not to before you bought it.
What an answer! Enjoy your £20 iTunes voucher and we hope you get to contribute to these wonderful developments! Runners up The second and the third giveaway winners will enjoy an iPhone case to protect their current apple technology (and until hovering iPhones are invented). Well done Daniel Woosnam and David Winter! Wanna find out their answers? Daniel said:
In combat with various virtual reality products on the market, and with the increasing pixel density of its retina displays, Apple will finally release the iRetina. A retina implant that can restore vision to the blind, increase the quality of vision for those that can see. Apps will be available including those to add filters to your vision for various situations. With the addition of the optional iCochlear, you will be able to stream videos and music wirelessly.
And David’s creativity helped him to tell us that in 2113 Apple will be making:
Apple Biotech iPhones – These devices are painlessly implanted, connecting to the brain at the base of the ear. They are small, discreet and calls are voice activated. They have many useful features including Holographic Video Calling, and most impressively Direct Data Recall, enabling the user to easily access a vast array of information in the same way we use search engines today, users will be able to record anything they visually see or imagine in the 5000 TB hard drive supplied and hundreds of "apps" will be available for purchase which, for a small fee, allows the user to instantly 'learn' a new skill set or another language. The Apple Biotech iphone will become the core device of the next century.
Thank you all of you for your time, imagination and creative answers! Enjoy your prizes! I hope you’ve enjoyed our April giveaway subject and you will stay tuned and enter our May competition soon. We’ve prepared interesting challenges and precious prizes, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or subscribe to our blog and receive updates every time we post something interesting and useful! Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 17.09.25
May 07, 2014