iPhone 4 home button replacement

One of the most common repairs in our Lovefone workshop is the iPhone 4 home button replacement. The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is fantastic smartphone, with a great design, but can develop small problems and faults after a certain amount of use. It is very common to have an iPhone 4 with an unresponsive or sluggish home button after about one year of use. What is the home button? The home button itself is just a piece of plastic which pushes the flex ribbon underneath it, shorting the circuit so that the phone then registers the action. The flex ribbon can be damaged over time so it needs to be fixed. When does the home button start to create problems? As mentioned above, after about one year of usage, the home button requires two or three clicks to properly register an action, remains stiff when is pressed, or stops working at all. Why does the home button become loose? We have lots of customers who come into our workshop and complain about their unresponsive or temperamental home button. Some of them think that it is just dirt that need to be cleaned while others thinks that there might be a more serious technical issue that needs fixing. Well, it is can be either one of these: the sticky home button can be caused by a mixture of dirt laid-down around the button; by corrosion or rust; or simply because of the poor quality of the part. It can even sometimes just be a software problem, and you can quickly try this trick to see if that fixes it. What’s the solution? How can the home button problem be fixed? If the software fix doesn’t resolve the problem, we can help you with our iPhone 4 home button replacement. This takes just 30 minutes. You’ve got three choices: come over and we will fix it while you wait, send your iPhone 4 to us using our Express mail service, or use our London Courier service, where we will pick up your iPhone and bring it back fixed in less than 4 hours. For other questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
May 07, 2014