Big Brother Camera Security – app of the week #4

Have you ever worried that someone might take your iPhone and try to access your data? if so, install Big Brother Camera Security and you can take a discreet photo of the person using your device. The Big Brother Camera Security app can be set up to take a photo from your device whenever it is being used without your permission. So not only can it help when your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad has been stolen, it can also alert you to overly curious family members, school or work mates! Here’s how to set it up, so that you can see how it works: 1. Install the app on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. 2. Open the app and set up a passcode. 3. Enable GPS, so that you can see where any unauthorised activity took place. 4. Set your email address. 5. You'll get a confirmation email with a code to validate that it's you setting up the app, and once confirmation is complete you're ready to go. 6. Set your alert settings. 7. When you’re finished, press LOCK. 8. Turn on Big Brother (it is automatically locked), turn off your screen, and you are all set! What happens next? As soon as the app has been launched, anyone who tries to access your iPhone is asked to enter a passcode. If they fail to enter the correct passcode, the device takes their picture with the front camera and emails it to you! If they try again, the app takes another photo and emails it to you with the location of your phone. Also, whenever a person quits the application, the device will take photos and email them too! Each email notification will include the date and time, GPS location, and a photo of the individual who used the app. Big Brother Security requires iOS 4.0 or later and an iPhone 4, 4s or 5, iPad or iPod touch 4th generation – so it runs on any iOS device with a front facing camera. On the other hand, this app has a few weaknesses as well: the password only locks the app and not the entire iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can quit the app if you press the home button, but your photo will still be taken and sent to the owner via email. And the second weakness is that you always have to remember to leave the app on if you want it to run accordingly. But apart from these, is really interesting, useful and above all, is free! Big Brother Camera Security has been approved and then banned in the Apple Store, but after a lot of design changes, Apple finally allowed the app back into the App Store. Have you tried the Big Brother Security app? Share your pros and cons with us!
May 07, 2014