The Steve Jobs video archive

As befitting a man who didn’t have a problem saying what he was thinking, Steve Jobs divided opinion. Whatever you think of his approach to business, he led a remarkable life as an entrepreneur, inventor and co-founder of Apple. I won’t try to talk about his many business innovations and professional achievements, because they’re common knowledge. What is worth exploring, though, are the many videos that he appeared in. They offer a fascinating insight into him and his ideas. Every Steve Jobs Video The website and blog Every Steve Jobs Video is a great place to head to. As the strapline says, it’s “Steve Jobs largest video archive on the web. You'll find hidden gems!” It contains two Youtube channels – Every Apple TV ad and Every Steve Jobs video. Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 11.58.23 The website is very well organised, being divided up into four chronological sections. The first one is called Steve’s 1st act at Apple (1978–1985) and includes his first TV appearance, when he was 23 years old, and and the launch of the Macintosh, when he was 28 years old. The second section is called The NeXT years (1985–1996), the third one is The Great Pixar Story (1995–2003), and the last section is Steve’s Back at Apple (1997-2011) and hosts the Think Different Campaign, filmed when Jobs was 42 years old. It also includes interviews, conferences, TV ads and many other videos, so it definitely deserves a better look if you want to find out more about Steve Jobs. If are one of those of you who want to read more about Steve Jobs, I would suggest checking out the All about Steve Jobs website, which gathers loads of useful information! Do you have any other favourite blogs, websites or channels that you follow in order to find out more about Steve Jobs? Share them with us!
May 07, 2014