iPad mini screen replacement – a new repair in Lovefone’s repertoire

Due to high demand from our customers, Lovefone has introduced a new repair – iPad mini screen replacement. iPad mini, the smallest version of iPad, is extremely useful and practical – it has all the features of a normal iPad, just in a smaller, more convenient size. However, as with the larger iPads, it just takes one unfortunate moment for it to get dropped or knocked and for the most sensitive part – the touch glass – to break. If this happens, rather than replacing the entire iPad, it’s possible to just have the iPad mini screen replaced. In order to survive the initial shock, first check out our Broken iPad screen survival guide. Then, why not book an appointment with Lovefone and have your iPad mini screen replaced in less than two hours? Our technicians specialise in Apple repairs and are able to diagnose and deal with all kinds of faults – for example, broken screens; water damaged devices; faulty audio chips, microphones, speakers and buttons. Some of you might wonder how difficult it is to do an iPad Mini screen replacement. Well, here are a few details about how the iPad mini is constructed and how we undertake the repair. Fortunately, as with the other iPad models, the touch screen of the iPad mini isn’t laminated to the LCD, so when just one of the two parts breaks, just that part needs to be replaced. This is different to the iPhone 4, 4S and 5, where the whole front section is produced as one assembly. So far so good, but the front assembly is still glued together with strong adhesive, and so taking them apart is extremely difficult. The repair involves carefully removing the broken touch screen and then replacing it with a new screen. The repair takes approximately two hours. Screen replacement is one of the most common repairs required on Apple products, and the iPad mini is no exception. The standard Apple warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage, which is why we offer our repair service at Lovefone. If you need a repair and are based in London, we’ve got two locations – in the West End and in the City. If you’ve not got time to leave the office, we offer a very affordable Courier Service, where we collect repair and return your iPad, all in one day. If you live outside London, don’t think you are left behind – we offer an Express Mail service, which means you’ll be apart from your precious iPad mini for just 48 hours. So, no matter where you are, you can easily and quickly have your iPad Mini screen replaced. All our iPad Mini screen replacement services come with 1 year performance warranty so your peace of mind is assured! And if the warranty is not enough, take a look and check more than 400 independent reviews which speak for themselves, giving us a big thumbs up with 4.8 out of 5.  
May 07, 2014