DailyArt – App of the week #2

I am pleased to have you back for the second installment of our weekly series “App of the week”. Last week, I reviewed Climate Clock. Today, I will present a great app called DailyArt which delivers a piece of classic art to me daily – along with essential and interesting information about the masterpiece! How does it work? Each afternoon, it sends you a push notification that “Your daily masterpiece for today is ready”, so you can access the app and feed your desire to learn something new about a work of art. Of course, you can access it anytime, any day, to view all the previous days’ masterpieces too. The app contains a lot of information, including paintings and photographs from a wide range of movements, artists and photographers. Art expresso I once heard it said that, for most people, art is best served in small doses, like espresso. This is the case for me – I love French Impressionism and the Italian Renaissance, I adore Renoir, Degas and Monet, Da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo, but I am not an expert. I love going to art galleries and looking through art books, but I definitely wouldn’t stay in the library all day long to study art movements, artists, sculptors and painters. This is why DailyArt is perfect for me – it’s my daily dose of culture! Each day, it reminds me to pause from my daily tasks for five minutes and immerse myself in the world of an amazing artist. I just open the app, see the daily masterpiece, read some information about the artist and the painting, which, today for example, is Miss Bowles, by Joshua Reynolds. Each image includes the title of the work along with the artist's name, and then you can tap on these to read more information. DailyArt You can also swipe left and right to view other pieces if you want to find out more about other masterpieces in the DailyArt collection. You can zoom in on the image to view it in all of its splendid glory. Further than this, DailyArt has a social component that lets you share your favorite artwork by email or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also save it to your camera roll. Apps like these are pure magic for me! It makes me love my iPhone more and more, because I can use it for education and enjoyment at the same time. I love the spontaneity of DailyArt and look forward to adding some culture and learning about a new masterpiece every day. Even better, it’s a universal app which runs on both my iPhone and my iPad. Have you found another art app that you like better? Tell me which one!
May 07, 2014