Broken iPad screen survival guide

Dealing with a broken iPad screen isn’t anyone’s favourite activity! At Lovefone, we hear so many different stories about how our customers’ iPad screens got broken (and have our own personal experiences of doing the same thing ourselves!). Lots of people beat themselves up for being clumsy for dropping their precious iPads and breaking them. I thought the same when the incident happened to me. However, we see so many of these repairs that we can categorically say people shouldn’t feel angry with themselves: it’s just a natural thing to drop things once in awhile – to break a glass, a plate, and so why not an iPad! The reason why I decided to write this survival guide is because lots of people don’t know what to do after their iPad screen breaks. Let me share my friend’s story with you: about six months ago, an ex high-school mate called and asked if we at Lovefone repair iPad screens. She had dropped and broke her husband’s beloved iPad and was panicking so much that she was thinking of buying him a new one before he returned from a business trip. She wasn’t really into gadgets and didn’t know that there are companies who can fix the iPad screen. When I happily announced her we undertake iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4 screen repairs within 2 or 3 hours, she was incredibly relieved and overwhelmed, telling me that, “You’ve saved my life – my husband just loves his iPad so much!” As a life saver(!), it is my duty to share with you, our friends and customers, a survival guide which is meant to be used after you drop and break your precious iPad screen. Broken iPad survival guide 1. If the unthinkable happens to you, and you drop your iPad and crack the screen, first of all, don’t panic! 2. Breathe deeply and … breathe once again. 3. Take a seat and try to calm down. 4. Try to think rationally – nothing is as bad as it seems. If it’s your first experience of this kind, you will probably ask yourself what to do next? "Should I buy a new one?” or “Should I try to take it somewhere to get the screen replaced?” After a drop, in the vast majority of cases there is absolutely nothing wrong with the iPad except for a broken touch screen – so if you don’t want to stump up for a replacement iPad, Lovefone has experienced technicians who can complete your iPad screen replacement in less than 3 hours. 5. Go onto the Lovefone website and choose the iPad repair you’d like. Alternatively, just give us a call on 020 7078 4341 or email us at 6. Let us know which our our speedy services you’d like to use: While you wait If you live or work somewhere near our workshops (either in West End or in the City of London) you can come and drop it off. The iPad screen repair will take about 2 hours or so. Meanwhile you can read one of our magazines in our waiting room, or go for a walk in the area, and then come and pick up the newly repaired iPad. London courier If you can’t leave your office/home, we can send a courier who will pick up your broken iPad and bring it in our workshop. Our technicians will replace the iPad broken screen and then we will send it back to you. The whole process won’t last longer than 5 hours. Express mail Or, if you live outside London, just use our Express Mail service and post it to your local Royal Mail branch using Special Delivery, and your iPad will be insured up to £500. Our technicians will replace your iPad screen and we will carefully wrap it and send it back so it’ll be away from you for just 48 hours. 7. In super quick time, your iPad screen will be replaced and your iPad will be like new again! All in one, it’s extremely easy and hassle free, isn’t it! I hope these tips help you decide whether you want to repair your broken iPad and that they point you in the right direction. I guess one final question might be, what happens while the iPad is in our workshop, on our technicians’ desk? Well, take a look at this repair video outlining what we do, and how the repair works! Why not subscribe to our blog news posts, so you can receive the latest blog posts straight into your inbox. This way, you won’t miss our video post, and other interesting ones!
May 07, 2014