April giveaway: What products will Apple be making in 2113?

When I was reading the news this morning, I saw an interesting image that showed how Apple’s devices have changed over a 30-year period. Technology is advancing quickly! It made me think – what will technology look like in 100 years’ time? Well, we’d love to know what the futurologists among you think. For our April giveaway, we’re offering a £20 iTunes voucher for the most creative and interesting answer to this question: What products will Apple be making in 2113? For the two runners up, we’re also offering an iPhone case. Submit your entry before midnight, 30 April 2013. We will carefully and enthusiastically read your answer and announce the winners on our blog in the first week of May. We’re looking forward to reading your entries – good luck! [wufoo username="lovefone" formhash="r7x2q5" autoresize="true" height="539" header="show"] Need some ideas? To get your creativity stimulated, have a look at the picture below and see how many devices you might be using in 1993, and what their replacement is, after 20 years, in 2013.   And here’s a clip from the BBC show, Tomorrow’s World, from back in 1979. Times sure have changed...
May 07, 2014