We are pleased to announce the winners of our iPhone photography competition!

We are very happy to announce the winners of our March giveaway! Thank you for taking the time and uploading pictures taken with your iPhone, iPod or iPad! We are glad you accepted the challenge and embraced iPhoneography, the art of photography using just an iOS device. We’ve received a lot of amazing pictures, which immortalised nature, animals, kids, buildings, flowers, events, celebrities and other important moments in a person’s life. It was a tough decision to pick up only three fantastic pictures, but rules are meant to be respected, so finally the Lovefone team has come to a final decision and decided the winners: The best pictures taken with an iPhone, iPod or iPad from our point of view, are: 3rd place is occupied by the owner of a funny pet rat called Ashley, who is enjoying a piece of chocolate. Her mistress, Michelle Bruce, is the happy winner of an iPhone case! Congrats Michelle! 2nd place is taken by Simon Holderness who has immortalised a wonderful moment at Edisford Bridge, Lancashire, using an iPhone 4S. Isn’t it lovely? Congrats Simon, you can enjoy your £20 iTunes voucher! And last, but definitely not least (first, in fact!), the winner of 1st prize is Kate Holderness, who managed to snap a great shot of the Trevi Fountain in Rome. The area was so crowded, and she was really struggling to get the perfect shot of the fountain until she saw it reflected in her friend's sunglasses! Great photo Kate! Enjoy your well deserved £40 iTunes voucher! Congratulations to all of you and thank you to everyone who participated! I hope you’ve enjoyed our March giveaway and you will stay tuned and enter our April competition soon! We are just preparing it, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or subscribe to our blog and receive updates every time we post something interesting and useful! [gallery type="slideshow" link="post" ids="3128,3127,3126,3125,3124,3123,3122,3121,3120,3119,3118,3117,3116,3115,3114,3113,3112,3111,3110,3109,3108,3107,3106,3105,3104,3103,3102,3101,3100,3099,3098,3097,3096,3095,3094,3093,3092,3091,3090,3089,3088,3087,3086,3085,3084,3083,3082,3081,3080,3079,3078,3077,3076,3075,3073,3072,3071,3070,3069,3068,3067,3066,3065,3064,3063,3062,3061,3060,3059,3058,3057,3056,3055,3054,3053,3052,3051,3050,3049,3048,3047,3046,3045,3044,3043,3042,3041,3040,3039,3038,3037,3036,3035,3034,3033,3032,3031,3030,3029,3028,3027,3026,3025,3024,3023,3022,3021,3020"]
May 07, 2014