Climate Clock – App of the week #1

When I first got my iPhone I didn’t think I’d be very much into apps, but I’m now addicted! Fortunately, there are a staggering number of apps in the App Store for me to discover and try out. Where do I hear about them? Well, I’ve got a number of sources – friends, app reviews, suggestions in AppsGoneFree, and just plain old App Store exploration. I like reading their description, their reviews and then I download them and try them out. I thought that some of you might like some of my finds too, and so here’s the first in a short series on some of my greatest app finds! Of course, I’d also love to learn about your App Store find too! Climate Clock With our ridiculously unpredictable weather at the moment, what better place to start than with my favourite weather app, Climate Clock? it’s been an absolute lifesaver for me. Until I found this app, I used Apple’s default weather app that comes installed with the iOS. Before I give you some arguments as to why this app is so good, just check out this video: Climate Clock App - Minimal Hourly Weather Forecast from Benjamin Wong on Vimeo. Apps are meant to be exciting, but for some reason not many of the (very many) weather apps are. Of course, they're all variations on a theme: weather forecasts, weather radar, weather video, and so on. However, I find that Climate Clock is the very best one for helping me figure out what I’ll need to wear for the day ahead. It presents the hourly weather in a very intuitive and fun way. As the app combines time and weather as a clock, it becomes an ideal screensaver for your iPhone. When I get up each morning, I open the window and take a deep breath of air (and close it quickly if necessary!) and then check the weather forecast on Climate Clock to decide what I’ll wear that day. Climate Clock gives you a quick summary of the weather over the coming day, so it helps me figure out whether I need rain boots or flats, and an umbrella or sunglasses when I leave the house. The app delivers weather forecast info in a very ingenious way, based on the classic analog clock. It uses the clock face to show the temperature, wind speed and precipitation during the day, and you can switch between these windows by tapping the screen. Climate Clock can also keep tabs on multiple locations (for example your hometown, the place you’re just about to go on holiday, and the place where you live) and you can simply swipe through them for location-specific clocks. Climate Clock In addition, this app will display a 10-day forecast and if you swipe from the left to the right you will see the settings of what’s shown on the screen. Climate Clock 1 Another thing that I like about this app is the fact that the badge icon shows the live temperature – so if you just want to see the temperature outside you don’t even have to open the app. So, all in all, Climate Clock is one of my favourite apps. I hope you enjoy it too! If you want to discover more app recommendations, just follow our weekly series. Have you found another weather app that you like better? Tell me which one!
May 07, 2014