iPhones and iPads rule the skies

Before long, it’s likely that we’ll all be able to access the internet on our iPhones and iPads while in the air! In fact, it’s already happening in North America, which has a special in-flight wifi network. I am pretty confident that it will expand and we capitalize on it in Europe too! I had long hoped that we’ll be able to access the internet in the air, but I thought it would never be possible! But I’m very glad to be wrong, and that it’s now happening. Those long haul flights won’t be quite as boring from now on! It happens through Gogo, a network that helps you to stay connected at 36,000 feet (6.8 miles). According to an infographic published on Gogo’s blog, of the devices that connect to the internet via Gogo, 84% are Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch), while only 16% use the Android operating system. If we dig deeper into this information, iPads are more likely to be used than other devices (including other tablets). 35% of the most surfed devices are the tablets, followed by laptops at 33%, while the rest of 32% is covered by phones. Of all of the smartphones, Apple iPhones make up 73% of inflight usage, while only 26% of the users access the internet from an Android phone. How about Blackberry and Windows Phone? Added, they don’t even manage to muster 0.02% of the total! So, all in one, the Apple devices are reigning in the air! The infographic shows that people generally use the in-flight internet to surf the web, check their emails, socialise on social networks, check the news, the weather, sports scores and do some shopping. And they access these using mainly Safari, so Apple is the king in the air! Personally, I would use the internet during a flight to check my email, socialise on social networks, read a few books and watch some videos. How about you? How would you pass the time while in the air?
May 07, 2014