Recycling iPhone batteries – how it's done and why it's important

After using your iPhone for a long period of time, the battery power will, slowly but surely, start to decrease and so might need to be replaced. We can do this for your precious iPhone, and then we will recycle the battery. Let me tell you more about how we recycle them and why it is so important to do so. Some of you might ask yourself why these batteries slowly stop working. Well, rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and when these cycles come to an end, you need to accept that the battery is no longer able to power your device, so you need to replace it. As an iPhone repair company we deal with a wide range of iPhone faults and problems – from broken iPhone screens and back panels to faulty dock connectors and buttons. With iPhone battery replacements, often our customers want us to replace their battery while it still has some juice left because they’re fed up of the device always going dead while they’re out and about (and having to carry a charger around!). If this is you, it may be worth checking out our post on how to increase your iPhone’s battery lifespan. Other people wait until the battery doesn’t hold enough charge to power the iPhone at all, or it gets a case of the spectacular but very annoying iPhone battery bloat! Whatever category you fall in, it’s very important that your old battery is disposed of correctly so that it doesn’t harm the environment in a refuse site. iPhone 3GS Battery Replacement We’d like to give a big thanks to one of our customers, Martin, for giving us guidance on this issue:
The lithium in iPhone batteries isn't exactly a scarce resource, but it's not massively abundant and it's very environmentally unsound to stick used batteries in the bin. They're not hard to recycle: just take them along to the local recycling centre or municipal tip and they will happily recycle used batteries for you. Hope this helps. Thanks again for the excellent service.
Thank you so much for your help and advice Martin. Why is battery recycling important? As I mentioned above, batteries can’t be thrown with your regular waste because they harm the environment. Batteries contain highly toxic heavy metals including lead, cadmium, nickel and mercury that can easily contaminate the soil, groundwaters, lakes and streams if we bury them. If we incinerate them, the iPhone batteries release heavy metals into air and cause atmospheric pollution. Campaigners have pointed out that it doesn’t make any sense to bury these resources when we’re also busy mining them at expensive environmental cost. How do we do recycle batteries? As soon as your iPhone lithium ion battery is dead, we will help you dispose and recycle it properly, in an environmentally friendly manner. First, we collect them in our office and then we take them to a Mobile recycling centre, where they have a battery collection plan and they are recycled properly. We want to be a greener company, and try to limit our energy usage where possible. We’re striving towards a paperless office, try to use environmentally friendly suppliers and all cycle or use public transport to get to work whenever possible. However, if you have any suggestions on further things we can do, please get in touch. If you want to be eco-friendly and recycle your iPhone battery after you replace it, please get in touch with the Lovefone team and we are more than happy to help!
May 07, 2014