Samsung Galaxy S3 screen replacements, with love

Due to popular customer demand, several months ago we included the Samsung Galaxy S3 screen replacement in our repertoire of Lovefone repairs. Samsung galaxy S3 The most vulnerable part of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the touch screen – if it gets dropped or knocked, it’s easy for it to get cracked or broken. To make things a little bit more complicated, the Samsung Galaxy S3 glass touch screen is laminated to the LCD underneath and these are both mounted on a frame. Because they are all bonded together, the whole front panel needs to be replaced in one go. Our highly trained technicians can complete this screen repair in less than 60 minutes and we guarantee our work and the parts we use for 12 months under our standard performance warranty. On Friday, one of our customers, Thomas, asked us to replace his Samsung Galaxy S3 Pebble Blue screen and was so impressed by our service and by the quality of repair that he gave us a bottle of wine! Thomas, thank you so much for your consideration – it means a lot to us! Not to mention that all of us love a good Rioja! [caption id="attachment_2940" align="alignnone" width="405"]Samsung Galaxy S3 wine Our lovely bottle of wine (shortly before we drank it)[/caption] Every now and then, our customers express their consideration and appreciation towards Lovefone with thoughtful gestures. A couple of great examples are Jon who bought us a flower bouquet, and Michael who sent us a very special Lovefone photo. Thank you every single customer who appreciates Lovefone’s work! If you are the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S3 and you have a broken glass panel, a damaged LCD screen (with cracks or discolouration), a faulty backlight, or your phone is not responding to touch, don’t hesitate to book your appointment with Lovefone now! You can have the screen replacement completed in the Samsung Galaxy’s original colour (Titanium Grey, Pebble Blue, Ceramic White or Garnet Red) or you can choose to change it if you want to!
May 07, 2014