How to fully quit apps on your iPhone or iPad

Is your battery draining too fast or an app not working properly? Often, you can fix both problems simply by quitting apps on your iPhone or iPad. In order to do so, just read this post and follow the simple steps below. Contrary to what you might expect, after pressing the home button to leave an app on your iPhone or iPad, the app itself doesn’t quit. Instead, it remains on – draining your battery and consuming wifi resources. After closing the open apps on your iPhone or iPad, you can extend the battery life and enjoy a faster device. Also, if you are experiencing problems using an app (if it keeps freezing, or opening or closing unexpectedly, for example) you can very often fix the problem simply by completely quitting the app on your iPhone or iPad. In order to quit apps, follow these 5 simple steps: 1. On your home screen, double-click the Home button. 2. Press and hold your finger down on the app’s icon. 3. When it starts to jiggle, tap the icon in order to close it. 4. Swipe to the left or right to view and close other open apps (repeating Step 3). 5. Press the home button twice again and you are back to your home screen. Tip: You can quit other open apps on your iPhone or iPad while using an application. To close other open apps that you’re not currently using, you just have to double tap the home button while within the app, and the open apps will appear at the bottom of the screen. Then simply follow the instructions above from step 2. I hope this advice helps to fully quits apps on your iPhone or iPad, so please let me know how you get on by leaving a comment below!
May 07, 2014