World's most expensive iPad

Apple has become one of the world’s largest companies by consistently producing objects of desire – objects so desirable that they can produce riots. But, even so, there are people out for whom a bog-standard iPad just won’t cut it. These people want it “different” from the crowd – customized, unique and much, much more valuable. Designers have been hard at work creating bespoke iPads to service this need and created the most expensive iPads in the world. Prices start at a measly $19,999 and go up to a healthy $8 million. Depending on your needs (and the size of your yacht), you have a vast array of options: from diamonds and gold to dinosaur bones, your simple and common iPad can become unique and valuable! If you’re in the market for a luxury iPad, or just a bit curious, here are the most expensive iPads in the world.

1. iPad Blooming Gold Edition, designed by Crystograph, selling price: $10,000

Crystograph, a well known luxury electronic products company, has launched this Blooming iPad, covered in 10,000 Swarovski crystals which are studded in gold. There are five shades of crystals – silver shade, golden shadow, light colorado topaz and jet hematite – for you to choose from. The iPad Blooming Gold Edition is made to order and has a starting price tag of $10,000 – which can increase depending on the crystals that you choose.

2. Mervis Diamond iPad, designed by Mervis Diamond Importers, selling price: $19,999

“The world’s first diamond iPad” was launched in 2010 by Mervis Diamond Importers, who were selling it for $19,999. This customized iPad is decorated with 11.43 carats of diamonds in a micro-pave style. Order this if the Crystograph model above is just too budget for you.

3. iPad Supreme Gold Edition, designed by Katherine Hughes, selling price: $192,000

The iPad Supreme Gold Edition was designed by Katherine Hughes. This iPad was entirely crafted in gold and diamonds. To be more precise, it has a 22k gold shell weighing 2,1 kilograms and is inlaid with 53 sparkling diamonds totaling 25.5 carats and shaped in the form of Apple logo. It terms of its technical features, it’s a 3G iPad 2 having 64GB. The production was limited to 10 items, and each of them had a selling price of $192,000.

4. Camael Diamond iPad, designed by Camaél Diamonds, selling price: $1.2 Million


Camael comes encrusted with 537 18.34 carat diamonds. The ones from Camael covered the Apple iPad in 1 kilo of 18 carat gold and encrusted it with 300 carats wonderful diamonds. More than this, they have emphasised the home button and the Apple logo with elegant and rare black diamonds.

5. iPad 2 Gold History Edition, designed by Stuart Hughes, selling price: $8 million

Stuart Hughes, the husband of Katherine Hughes above, is famous for his creativity in transforming gadgets and electronics into luxury items. His iPad 2 Gold History Edition ( takes the decadence prize. This 3G iPad 2 is encrusted with diamonds, gems, gold, a 75 million year old Ammolite rock and a 65 million year old dinosaur bone. To give you the specs, it is encrusted with 12.5 carats of ‘I’F’ Flawless diamonds, 53 sparkling gems arranged beautifully in solid 24ct Apple logo, and the back is covered in 24ct gold weighing two kilograms. But the most unique thing about it is the front frame, which is made from Ammolite, the oldest rock in the world (it’s been around more than 75 million years!), which was sourced from Canada. If that’s not enough to impress you, some sections of a 65 million year old T-REX Dinosaur’s thigh bone was embedded in the Ammolite and the cherry on top is a single cut 8.5 carat diamond, encased in platinum and surrounded by 12 outer diamonds, on the home button. As you might expect, only two pieces were produced, and each of them had a selling price of $8 million. Of course, nothing is unbreakable, and even the most expensive iPad in the world can suffer accidental damage or have a hardware fault. If any of the above occur, please get in touch with the Lovefone team, and we’ll be happy to help – and, I promise, we repair standard iPads as well as luxury $8 million versions.

May 07, 2014