Our customers’ favourite apps

You've got the new iPhone 5 and it has completely changed your life, you're fifty per cent more trendy now but you need also some more cool apps. Of course, the problem is that there are thousands of apps in the Apple store and it's really hard to know which are the best. But don't worry – we have a selection of some great apps from different areas of interest and we'd love to share them with you! We didn't select them all by ourselves, but instead asked our customers about their favourite apps (and rewarded some of them with iTunes vouchers for sharing their secret) so you can be sure that you‘ve got you a top list in front of you! Apps for gamers (kids and adults) Fun and addictive Angry birds and Temple Run seem to be by far our customers’ favourite games apps with more than 20 votes – both very competitive and addictive games. Subway Surfers – an addictive and funny game (and you don’t have to be into surfing). Simpsons Tapped Out – “Totally addictive. I love doing the tasks and building my own Springfield!” Danielle Vedmore. Hay Day – you can have your own farm and pets (even if they’re only virtual ones). Anthill – a strategy game Candy Crash – more than 100 levels of delicious puzzle adventure Tiny Village – you can complete amazing quests in your own prehistoric village. Skylanders cloud patrol – “It brings my son soo much fun and I love it too.” Claire Butler. Then there is Talking Tom – the funny cat that gives so much enjoyment to your kids (and you!) – you can pet him, poke him and grab his tail and he will repeat everything you say in a funny voice. Challenges for the mind 4 pics, 1word – another top app for our customers: it’s a puzzle with four pictures that have one word in common. Words with friends and Scramble with friends – fun apps to play against your friends and learn new words. The Crossword solver – “If you complete crosswords, or enter competitions it is excellent in finding the missing words, it defines words or links to other sites if needed. A PUZZLERS MUST!” Ursula Hunt. Countdown – “It's been my favourite TV programme for years. Now I can even hide my nerdiness and play the game wherever I go!!” Sara Lynch. Chess app – “Makes me look intellectual while I procrastinate,” Conor O'Donovan. Health and fitness We were amazed to see how many customers mentioned My fitness pal App – “It helps me to lose weight and is always with me” Sue Seaman. “This app allows me to recorded all the food and exercises I do in a day. I set a target weight and I have target calories which I am allowed to consume in a day” Victoria Wilson. Runkeeper – turns your phone into your personal trainer and a great companion, tracking your runs, bike rides, walks, pace, calories and even routes. Let panic go – this is an application designed to interrupt the cycle of thoughts and body sensations that fuel a panic attack. Sleep Cycle – “Excellent app that monitors sleep patterns helping to wake you up during a time slot when you are in a lighter sleep – perfect for Monday mornings!” Stephanie Bell. “I seriously couldn't believe this app worked when I first tried it, I woke up SO refreshed, and it felt such a natural time to wake up too!!” Christina Jarrett. Education BrainPOP movie – it’s a great app that teach kids (and you) the main points from a range of different subjects such as math, science, arts, languages, music and more through brief videos. These are followed up by quizzes. Skyview – “This is fab. Wonderful way of finding out about the night sky and where and what everything is” Andy McQueen. Ted – one video a day to stay inspired. This is by far my favorite educational app. You can read here what I have to say about this great app. Video, photography and movies Instagram – the ideal app to snap and edit photos then share them with your family. “I love it for fashion photography as well as classic photography, generally a great community and ridiculously addictive!”Carly Myles. Vine – life in motion. “I absolutely love the Vine app because it has opened up a creative side of me that I didn't know I had. I can create short stop motion animation and I am having fun doing it!” Alan Chung. IMDb – “How many times have you watched a movie and thought ‘I have seen that person somewhere before’. Now you can just use the app and have a look what movies they were in before” Angela Sandhu. Music and radio Shazam – name that tune! It’s as simple as this: Hold your iPhone up to a music source and wait while the app listens and it will magically give you information on the track: its name, the artist, the lyrics, plus exclusive content and offers – all for free! TuneIn Radio – “It has a great choice of stations with excellent features and user interfaces” Karl Kavanagh. “TuneIn Radio Is absolutely brilliant – I love rugby league, but commentary is usually only carried on local radio stations and I travel a fair bit for work. With TuneIn Radio I can listen wherever I am! I can even listen over Bluetooth when I am driving! Brilliant!” Chris Hardstaff. Ringtone designer – if you’re fed up with the limited number of ringtones your iPhone displays, create your own customized ringtones and text tones out of your music library with this great app. Travel, entertainment, drinks and...sport! Apps Gone Free, Appoday, App Ticker and Appsfire – these are all apps that help you find the newest apps, test them and even get some apps free that you usually need to pay for. “Appoday is for me the best IOS app because, it makes 1 app free for 24 hours and not only are the apps free, but they are fun apps and can keep you entertained for a while” Chanan Bains. Travel Vegas – offers premier discounts on the best in entertainment, dining and attractions. “Travel Vegas gives me a huge amount of information about my holiday” Wendy Guy. Futbol 24 – the fastest and more reliable live score service. “I like this app as it keeps you up to date with all goalscorers in all matches over the world” Lee Gardner. Mixologist Drink & Cocktail Recipes – the ultimate drinks & cocktail app. “I love to make cocktails and this handy app lets me search by ingredients I have” Angie Hoggett. Social networking Whatsapp and Viber – these seem to be our customers’ favorite networking apps, followed as expected by Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest – a great tool that helps you to find and collect fabulous and unique ideas for every aspect of your life. “I'm a primary school teacher in my first year of teaching and its full of some brilliant education ideas. I also like the hair and beauty section of Pinterest as it has lots of tips to prevent me from looking like Miss Trunchball from Matilda when I go into school!” Kerry Webber. Productivity Wunderlist, Evernote and Trello – these are our favorite productivity apps and you can read about them and some other great apps that help you organise your life, in the blogpost I wrote not long ago. Grid Diary “It's a fantastic way to keep a record of what's happened in your day-to-day life without the need to commit to a traditional paper diary. Great if you're travelling!” Daniel Marshall. Sunrise Calendar – a slick and beautiful calendar for Google Calendars users which makes it clear when an event is from Google, Facebook or other social media networks. Shopping, books, news and the list could go on an on... Ebay – this is the top favorite app for shopping as it helps you buy and sell things on the go – life has never been easier for a shopaholic! Kindle and iBooks – these are great apps if you love reading. They help you catch up with your current book and read wherever you go. Byline – a great news app that allows you to read the news and your favorite blogs even when you’re offline. “It lets me keep up with blog posts on the go. I also love the feature to download entire blog posts when accessing wifi, allowing me to catch up even when my train goes through a tunnel!” Victoria Norris. The list can go on and on: we received over 200 replies to our February competition and a great diversity of apps from every area. We’ve chosen just a small selection to make you curious about finding new ones. Warning! Not all these apps are free, but as they’re all really nice, it’s worth spending a little money. Subscribe to our newsletter or keep an eye on our blog posts and contests and you can win iTunes vouchers for buying apps, free repairs and accessories.
May 07, 2014