About us

OK, this week I will give myself a free rein to write mostly about why we do what we do at Lovefone. No more technology, just people. So let’s start with me. My name is Silviu Cristian Traistaru. If you try to say the last name out loud you will see it doesn't come off the tongue very easily. Even in my own language, Romanian, it’s not the most beautiful sound, but then I've been told that my other two names are nice, so the score is in my favour. Before joining Lovefone I used to work as a technician in a copy centre in Romania, and there I began to understand a few things about technology. Then, I came to London and worked in a catering business for several big hotels. Here I learned that I'm able to run the marathon, work in small or large teams, solve between one and five problems in the same time, carry ten plates in a single hand, lose weight whenever I want, deal with all kind of customers from all over the world under the influence of alcohol (them, not me, that is), and many other small but important things that helped me a lot later on. So, taking both experiences in consideration, I found myself fitting in quite well here at Lovefone. This is because the values of our company match my personal values. We at Lovefone believe we are in business because we care about our customers and want to make a difference in their lives. We always try to provide great value, to offer an amazing customer experience and to give total peace of mind to people who are distressed because of their damaged device. So, to achieve these goals, Lovefone is evolving with the customers’ needs and the services available are quick and reliable. Well, for me, all this above wasn't that new. I’d heard things like this before from managers in previous companies. But, in this case, something was totally different. One day everybody in Lovefone came together and discussed openly what we were about as a business. Through this chat we came up with our core values based on what we knew we are doing on a day-to-day basis with our customers. It felt so much better to focus on actual ways that we work with our customers rather than trying to come up with vague abstract ideas, which happens in many companies. It may sound like a small point, but I found it really valuable. It was the first time I’d been asked about how I do things at a company, and not simply told how I should do them. As you can see in our values, we evolve with our customers’ needs and as a technician I'm on the front line in this – offering quality services and clear information. We don't sell oranges, so it’s extremely important that our customers understand what we do with their expensive devices and how we’re going to fix it. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I saw the whole team really listen to each of our suggestions. When a company is managed so that decision making is responsive to new ideas like this, it can really inspire the whole team. Any problems that we encountered as technicians haven’t had a long life (I have to say that if I want to get a raise, don't I?). Blogging is one thing that the other members of the team inspired me to do. As a company we were inspired to begin blogging to try to offer even more support to our customers. Even though, as technicians, we didn't have a very good idea about how to blog, we were ready to give it a shoot to see how it is. You see, all we needed was someone to give us some self confidence, which is the key for success. And that’s what we got from our managers, plus a few tips on how to do it. For me it worked just fine (or maybe you should be the judge of that). We are still a small company that tries to offer all the good experiences of a big company without their big budget, and for that we need to stretch our limits every day in order to give you the best prices, quality repairs and clear customer service. But in return we get much more back in terms of appreciation and satisfaction, so overall it's worth every inch of that effort. In one year, I've been told I am a genius more than 100 times and seen lots and lots of customers not just happy but extremely happy and that is what makes a good day. That and being paid of course... Apple owners tend to get extremely attached to their devices (even more so than a tamagotchi!) so what we experience as technicians is something like what I’d guess a doctor experiences – with the exception that if we can't fix something we don't see tears. Even so, it’s very hard for us to say “we're sorry but there's nothing we can do”. I need to stop here because I don't want to write all my ideas down in one blog post and then to stretch my brain too much. I need it for repairs, you know. And speaking about ideas, if any of you have any suggestions about what I should write, things that you will like to know related to the world of devices, technology (and life in general, of course!), feel free to leave a comment and I'll try to respond. Stay tuned for the next episode from “About us”.
May 07, 2014