Drumroll! iTunes giveaway winners are ....

Thanks to every single one of you that took the time to enter our Lovefone February iTunes giveaway! We had an amazing response, with over 200 entries. The competition is now closed and after we’ve read all your emails, we’ve decided on the two winners! For the iTunes giveaway competition, we asked you this question: “What is your favourite find in the App Store? Why do you think it is so special?” As expected, people’s answers were incredibly varied – and, happily, iTunes is fulfilling everyone’s expectations! We’ve received so many interesting stories, and have seen the way that people use their apps for so many different reasons, for example entertainment, fun, photos, maps, navigation, fitness, sports, mind challenges, wine, food, buying or selling stuff, games, documents, music, banking, radio, travel, sleep, to do lists, organizing things, books, movies, decorations, chatting with friends and news. There were so many interesting and quotable submissions that it was hard to pick a favourite. Our competition was very tight, so we’ve decided to share with you our top ten shortlisted entries:

1. Stuart Walker – Candy Crush “I think the reason why i love this app is that i am 70 levels ahead of the rest of my family”.

2. Joanne Bowen - flashlight “I work late and have animals chickens I have to check on there is no available light so I use flashlight app which is brill and bright”.

3. Beth Ashworth – Kindle “I am a complete book obsessive, (...) is a God send. I can also discretely read books whilst people are boring me and think I'm just texting! Haha! :)”

4. Christina Jarrett – Sleep Cycle “As a person who suffers from very disturbed sleep and often wakes up very tired, this app is a miracle!”

5. Zoe Mohan – Temple Run “Temple Run never disappoints - it's easy enough for anyone to play, yet with tricks round every corner even the most advanced gamer will be entertained for hours.”

6. Chris Hardstaff – TuneIn Radio “With TuneIn Radio I can listen wherever I am! I can even listen over Bluetooth when I am driving! Brilliant!”

7. Sarah O’Rourke – Myfitnesspal “I am trying to lose weight and this app allows me to set a target weight and i have target calories which i am allowed to consume in a day.”

8. Eamonn Cosgrave – Appsfire “I find that appsfire gives me lots of new apps to try or get full version for free.”

9. Conor O'Donovan – Chess app “Because it makes me look intellectual while I procrastinate.”

10. Shona Jones – WhatsApp “For me it's the most useful app (...), it's the fastest and most reliable, easy to use and a great/effective way of keeping in touch with people.”

Drumroll please... But, as in any competition, we did have to pick two winners and they are: Christina Jarret and Joanne Bowen! Congratulations to both of you. Christina, we found your reasons for loving Sleep Cycle really compelling and informative. Joanne, we found your entry very funny, as we’d never thought that an iPhone could help you with chickens! Here are their full entries. Christina JarrettMy favourite app has to be Sleep Cycle! As a person who suffers from very disturbed sleep and often wakes up very tired, this app is a miracle! You place your phone in the bed overnight and it tracks your movement to determine which sleep cycle you are in, then wakes you up when you are in a cycle of light sleep, around the time you wish to be woken! I seriously couldn't believe this app worked when I first tried it, I woke up SO refreshed, and it felt such a natural time to wake up too!! (it's not intrusive, like normal alarm clocks!) I now have so much more energy in the day, and if ever I feel like I might have had a bad nights sleep I can always use the app to check my sleep graph and see exactly how my night's sleep was! I know there's other apps out there like this now, but Sleep Cycle will always be the most accurate and best for me!! The phone no longer gets thrown across the room in a frenzy when it's time to wake up now, and I'd recommended this app to anyone! :)Joanne Bowen Its silly but I love it its a flashlight app, I work late and have animals and chickens I have to check on there is no available light so I use flashlight app which is brill and bright and has a few options too.“ Congratulations to you both, and thank you to everyone who participated! Christina and Joanne will receive an email with the iTunes voucher code which can be used for whatever they want in the iTunes store. We’ve got one more prize to give: an iPhone case! Thank you all who shared our competition on their Facebook or Twitter page! The winner is Phil Holland. I hope you will enjoy your lovely iPhone case! All of you who subscribed for our monthly newsletter will receive March newsletter soon. How did you find our competition? Are you looking forward to entering our next giveaway? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below.

May 07, 2014