Warning: extreme iPad screen damage

One of our most popular repairs is the iPad screen replacement. Every week, we repair more and more iPads. But where do most iPad accidents happen? From speaking with our customers, we’ve discovered that the stories behind the breakages are very varied! As you probably know, Lovefone started as an iPhone repair company, but after the iPad was launched and customers started get in touch asking if we could repair their iPads, we thought that we should see what we could do to help. The iPad screen replacement takes much longer than iPhone screen replacements – approximately two hours – but we’ve worked hard to ensure the same great service and quality as we introduced the very beginning of the business. I need to mention that the reason why I’ve decided to write this article. A few days ago I came across some photos of damaged iPads taken by the photographer Paul Fairchild (he seems to like treating Apple products like electronic voodoo dolls!). The photos below were all taken by Paul, and I’d really encourage you to check out his website. As iPad repair experts (I’m sure some of the team dream about broken iPads!) I thought, why don’t we share a couple of our unusual breakage stories with our readers? We started doing iPad repairs a couple of years ago, and then as soon as the iPad 2 was launched we got a call from an previous iPhone customer and were straight on iPad 2 screen repairs. As time passed, and the quantity of repairs increased, the team have managed to reduce the repair time considerable – from 4 hours to 2 hours. In 2012, Apple launched three more iPad models: the iPad 3 and 4 with their retina displays And the iPad mini. Unfortunately, even the iPad mini breaks, so someone needs to fix them. And if not Lovefone, who else?! A while ago Squaretrade published the results of a survey about iPhone accidents. Apparently, most fatal iPhone accidents happened in the kitchen, in the living room or in the bathroom. If you want to find out more about these, check out our post. With the iPad, the causes of screen damage are as very varied as iPhone screen breakage. The most severely damaged iPad we ever saw was because the owner stepped on it – it was plugged in for charge, she was in a hurry for work and didn’t see it lying on the floor. Crack! Of course, we’ve fixed it for her, and the iPad looked like new afterwards. It was as badly damaged as the iPad in this photo below. Broken iPad screen Another lady dropped a jar of jam on her iPad. She was so scared that she’d killed her iPad for ever that she came immediately in our office, so we saw the strawberry jam all over it. Fortunately, a few hours later, she was extremely happy because her iPad was fully functional and she was able to look for more inspiring online recipes! Happily, it didn’t look as bad as this one!   Damaged iPad Another client, tried to impress his girlfriend by convincing her that iPads won’t burn. We’re not sure how impressed she was when he had to take the iPad to us to replace the screen. In case you were wondering...here’s conclusive proof that the iPad does burn! image01 And this iPad is incredibly damaged! Who knows what happened with it?! Probably the less we ask the better... Broken iPad back case How about your iPad story? Did it ever survive after a bad experience? Send us a photo with your badly damaged iPad and the best story can win a £50 gift voucher from Lovefone that you can use for further repairs. All images by Paul Fairchild.
May 07, 2014