Celebrating a great year for Lovefone

Hi everyone, and a merry Christmas to you all! Last week, Lovefone got in the Christmas spirit with our annual amble to Bloomsbury Bowling, not far from our Charlotte Street office in the West end of London. The team has doubled in size this year, so the competition on the bowling lanes was fierce.

This year, we’ve built up a great team. I joined Lovefone a year ago and found the history of the company really interesting. Though Lovefone is still not yet three years old, the seed of the business is older – in fact, a tiny bit older than the iPhone itself.

In 2007, Alex Perjescu began offering Mac repairs to people across London. After the iPhone was launched, his customers began asking him if he could repair this new device. He thought he'd give it a go. It wasn’t plain sailing immediately – it was such a new area of expertise that Alex’s first iPhone repair took a week to complete. Luckily he had a very patient customer! As one of the first people in the UK to offer an iPhone repair service, he was even featured on the BBC news programme Working Lunch.

Before too long, Alex was snowed under with iPhone repairs, and so Lovefone was born. The team have since been busy turning Lovefone into a successful company offering the same great service and quality pioneered by Alex. From humble beginnings in a living room in Battersea, Lovefone expanded quickly and moved into its Charlotte Street office in Central London.

When I joined, the Lovefone team already four strong. Since then, we’ve added another fantastic four team members and have also recently launched our convenient new office in the City in response to the needs of our customers.

Despite such rapid changes, our goal is to consistently offer an amazing service to our many customers. We aim to offer peace of mind, quality and convenience to our customers in the form of great services and products that evolve with your needs. To back up these words with action, we offer a 1-year performance warranty on our repairs. Beyond this, we also want to share as much of our knowledge as we can with you, through the advice, education and support contained in this blog. If there’s anything you think we can improve on, just let us know!

I hope this has given you a bit of an idea of how we work and why we’re in business. Come and visit, and tell us what you think! Have a fantastic New Year, and I hope 2013 brings you joy and happiness.

Lovefone Christmas flowers

May 07, 2014