Setting up multiple email accounts on your iPhone

Until quite recently, I wasn’t much involved with technology. Some of you might find it shocking, but I only got my first email account when I was twenty years old. I’m now in my late twenties, so perhaps this is understandable – even at my lowly age, I can remember the world before email existed. However, despite taking this momentous step back then, I must admit that I rarely touched my email. This all changed last year, when I got an iPhone 4 for work. In no time at all, I found myself with three email addresses requiring regular checking. As you can imagine, this was a bit of a problem for a person like me. Even if you’re used to checking email, it’s time consuming and is difficult to do when you don’t have regular access to a computer. The answer to my problem came from, as you can probably guess, technology – yeah, the same technology I didn’t enjoy too much. I learned how to set all my email addresses on a single portable device – yes, I’m talking about my iPhone 4. For me it was a big step forward, really simplifying my life. because of this, I thought I would share my experience with you by explaining how to set up multiple email accounts on your iOS device. How to add multiple email accounts to your iPhone 1. The first step in setting up multiple email accounts on an iPhone is to go into the “Settings” app 2. Next, scroll down to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”. In here, you will see a list of all the email accounts currently set up on your iPhone. If you have no email accounts set up yet, it will be empty.

3. Click “Add Account” under the list of current email accounts. Next you will see a screen showing some of the most common email providers (such as Gmail, Aol, Microsoft Exchange and Hotmail). Select the email provider you currently use. If you do not see your email provider (such a work email), click “Other”.

4. Now all you need to do is fill out the appropriate information. Usually this consist of name, email address, login, and password. 5. After filling out the appropriate fields press ‘Next’ button 6. At this point you are done, and the email account is set up. To add additional email accounts on your iPhone, repeat the above steps. You can now use the iPhone Mail app to see all of your email accounts in one place. Sometimes technology can be a bit overwhelming if you try to unlock its secrets all by yourself. That’s why following a step by step guide for any problem you encounter is always preferable, saving you time, energy and confusion. Making this change above sure helped me a lot and changed my perspective on technology. I’m even enjoying it now. I hope you will find this guide useful and discover that technology can be fun too.
May 07, 2014