12 iPhone cases for the Christmas stocking

Apple is selling a record-breaking number of iPhones, but us users don’t want to do any breaking of our own by dropping our delicate new devices. That’s why we’ve put together a list of iPhone cases to help you protect your lovely iPhones. But these aren’t just any old cases. Buying an iPhone case is a perfect opportunity to make your iPhone look personal and unique, and so we’ve picked a selection of weird and wonderful cases for all tastes. Twelve sparkling, fashionable protective and jolly cases of Christmas. Coco Chanel said once: "Fashion is notsomething that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." I am sure she would have loved all the iPhone cases presented here. 1. Christmas cases. Get in the festival spirit with a Christmas case. iPhones are on show more regularly than any pretty much any other accessory, so it’s the perfect device to outfit with seasonal trends. You name it, from snowflakes and Santa Claus to Christmas trees, reindeer and snowman, it’s available. Santa’s elves have been busy! 2. New Year fireworks. Because New Year’s Eve is almost here, why don’t you try a sparkling case, to be in trend with the holidays? Who wouldn’t want a lucky star for the new year? At least your iPhone can dress up in one with this Lucky Star Swarovski Crystal case. 3. Fashion statement. Lots of famous designers are starting to create and sell iPhone cases – so if you are a fashionista, this is a must! Because you like to dress your best, it's only natural that your iPhone does, too. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Juicy Couture, Moschino, Jagger Edge or Tory Burch are just few of the designer iPhone cases that can be purchased from ShopBop. 4. Ear’s another one. One of the most popular cases among celebrities is the bunny rabbit iPhone case. Jennifer Garner, Kate Moss or Chiara Ferragni are just a few people proudly sporting it. We’ve found it in festive colours – gold or silver – so you can choose your favourite. It even comes with a detachable pom pom tail!

5. Two turtle doves. Want to make a statement about your relationship or friendship? Why not buy matching iPhone cases? 6. If Queen Victoria had an iPhone... If you love flowers and pastel colours, or wish your iPhone was steam powered, this is the case for you! If you want other colours, patterns or flowery ones, Zazzle is very helpful.

7. The retro look. If you like the retro look but love your iPhone’s modern functions, then Zazzle has some great vintage cases for you. Our favourite one case is this vintage black Lace beige case. Which one do you like? 8. Leather bound ebook. If you miss the feel of a classic book – from the good old days of ink and paper – then this case with its unique book design will bring it all rushing back. It’s made of genuine leather and includes a pocket for ID, cards and cash, so is also great for the organised among us!

9. Lucky for some. It’s well known that elephants are supposed to bring you luck, and are a symbol of strength, wisdom and prudence. So, fingers crossed, this stylish case will go the extra mile to protect your iPhone! 10. Self-defence case. For those who want to protect both themselves and their iPhone, why not buy this pepper spray case which will transform your iPhone into a tool of self-defence.

11. Swiss-army survival case. If you’ve always wanted to be able to gut a fish while sending an important work email, this case is for you. Contribute to this Indiegogo project to get this case made. Unfortunately, for those worried about Doomsday on 21 December, this case won’t be ready for production until afterwards.

12. Plain old safety. Of course, some of you might just want a simple old protective case, so here are few of our suggestions. If portability (or back ache) isn’t an issue, then these guys have created the heaviest case in the world for you, the 1-inch Armor Plated Case for iPhone 4/4S. If you're a bit of a butter fingers, then the knuckle case is, as the makers put it, "the ultimate tool for securing phone to hand".

1-inch Armor Plated Case for iPhone 4/4S Black

We hope you enjoy these cases and find one that’s just right. If you order straight away, it might come in time for Christmas too! Take a look through our recommendations and let us know which ones are your favourites!
May 07, 2014