Why does Lovefone blog?

Keyboard Macro As the Lovefone team grows and our expertise deepens, we want to share as much of our knowledge with you, so Lovefone will blog. We’re passionate about technology – just as the vast majority of our customers are. Us Apple users are well known (infamous, even) for our dedication to our devices. So we want to make sure that we help people get the most out of their devices, by informing, educating and entertaining our fellow Apple users in any way that we can. So Lovefone will blog for you! Through doing so, we hope that we’ll discover new things ourselves, and even learn how we can create better products and services for you. When Lovefone blogs, wants to do three things: share our knowledge so you can get the most out of your Apple products; keep you informed about important technology news and updates; and let you how, as a business, we’re developing ways of supporting you. All members of our team – Adina, Alex, Andrei, Cosmin, Iulia, Pete, Ronan, Silviu and Youssouf – hope we get to share our knowledge and passion for technology with you.We hope you enjoy it! © Image Chris Kempson
May 07, 2014