Great customers

There are good businesses and, more importantly, there are great customers. Finding the right customers for your business – customers that you can satisfy successfully – is a challenge facing all service companies. You know you've found that perfect match when a customer goes far beyond the call of duty and does something great, completely unsolicited. That's just what Michael Chung did this week, when he sent us this email below – including a very special Lovefone photo. We asked Michael if we could reproduce it on our blog.
  Hello! Lovefone. Thank you so much for fixing my wife’s iphone 4, yesterday. She was so upset when she lost it and we found it in the middle of the major road as cars and lorries was driving over it. I went to the apple store in Regent Street and they said they couldn't help us as the unit was beyond repair. Your team at Lovefone was so helpful, understanding and promise they could restore it back to life with a unbelievable turn around time of just 40 minutes. The biggest Wow factor was the price of £109.00 including a new camera and all in white. I have enclosed a BIG thank picture ibefore and iafter....Steve Jobs would be very proud of you guys saving one of his favourite products. From broken to new and I am in my wife’s good books.

Michael Chung's iPhone before and after

Keep up the excellent service and your neighbours next door Saatchi & Saatchi...they are right nothing is impossible.

All the best for the future.

Hope to see you soon...but not too soon.

Michael Chung

Thanks so much for this Michael! This was completely unexpected. Here's a few details about Michael, requested by us.

Michael Chung Creative Director and Partner of The Chung Partnership advertising and Print. The Chung Partnership promotes positive brand development and communication using creative solutions. It offers a range of advertising, marketing and designservices. The Chung Partnership is located at 121d Cleveland Street, London.

May 07, 2014