Peace of mind and the iPhone user

As an iPhone repair company, we see on a daily basis just how important a role that iPhones play in iPhone users' lives and just how much they’re cherished. iPhone users - peace of mind 3

If you break your iPhone screen, one of the main things you look for in an iPhone repair company is peace of mind – peace of mind that the phone’s in safe hands, that any issues arising will be rectified (ie a warranty) and that your phone will be repaired and returned to you within a clear timeframe.

iPhone users - peace of mind 1

As a company, we’ve always been strong on all of these, but we’ve taken steps to bolster the third even further. We’ve done this by introducing an online booking system for our ‘While you wait’ workshop appointments, so that iPhone users can now book and confirm a slot straight off our website: simply choose your repair, select a convenient available slot and then come to our workshop for the repair – you’ll even receive a reminder email or be able to move or cancel your slot if you need to.

iPhone users - while you wait

This way, there’s no uncertainty any more – as soon as you select that slot online you, as an iPhone user, know when your iPhone will be returned to its former glory.

May 07, 2014