New security flaw discovered on the iPhone

Do you have your iPhone locked with a passcode? Don't think it's secure. A security flaw has been recently discovered so that anyone can easily bypass the passcode lock screen with a simple hack. Here's how the hack works (it's already on hundreds of forums, so it's better to know about it): tap the Emergency Call button, dial any combination of three numbers that's not an emergency number, tap the Call button and after just one second press the Power/Lock button at the top. This simple procedure will give you full access to the Phone app which contains the address book, voicemail and call history. And because you can assign pictures to contacts from the address book, the Photo Library can also be accessed. If you try the hack, after bypassing the passcode you won't be able to lock your iPhone by pressing the Power/Lock button and also the Home button won't work. To restore the functionality of these two buttons, restart the phone or call someone from the address book and quickly end the call. The issue will be fixed in the next software update, 4.2, which is due to be released in November. Until then be careful not to leave your phone unsupervised.
May 07, 2014