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We're located in central London, in the heart of West End, close to four tube stations: Goodge Street, Oxford Street, Warren Street & Tottenham Court Road.
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Same day, while you wait iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus screen repairs. Most of the repairs take less than one hour.
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We've been providing smartphone and tablet repairs for more than four years. We've also been featured on BBC Click and The Telegraph.
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All our work comes with a 1-year performance warranty.


Apple makes 3D Touch a Reality With the New iPhone 6S

While the average iPhone user might be inclined to believe that the newest model of the iPhone does not have any significant upgrades (besides the price), this new phone is a huge improvement on previous iPhones and it's biggest feature is the 3D touch. Continue reading to find out how this could be useful to you.

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Viewing the World Through the Screen of Your iPhone

We live in an age where cell phones are no longer considered a luxury so much as an absolute necessity - everybody has one. Whether it is for Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook, the camera has become a necessity on their smartphone. It is often a deciding factor for what phone to buy, and it is a big reason that phone screens have gotten larger.

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Wish2Wish ­- Share your dreams with the world

If you’ve ever wished upon a star, it’s hard not to wonder if somewhere in the world, someone else was making a wish on the same star as you. It’s in this simple way that we’re connected­­united by our hopes, our dreams, and our desires. With the advent of social networking, that connection has grown even stronger. Now, it isn’t uncommon for people to share their thoughts, prayers, and aspirations with the whole world. It’s become human nature to want the attention and support of friends and strangers alike. Their likes, upvotes, and retweets fill us with confidence and hope.

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